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As can be expected, the success of the Sharks programs depend on the positive participation and involvement of the players, parents and coaches. In fact, active participation has been critical to not only our past successes but will directly impact our future success to provide opportunities to the many youth of Lincoln. The involvement we get from all involved is not just considered a word, but, an expectation that all must recognize.

Based on these expectations we will have mandatory parent meetings at the beginning of each football season to discuss

available opportunities to meet the expectations of parent involvement.

Based on these expectations we continue to look for volunteer coaches that are willing to complete our training certification and provide appropriate teaching of the fundamentals of sports programs.

And finally, based on these expectations we will instill and expect a high level of discipline and appropriate behavior from all players.

Concussion Awareness

Athlete Concussion Information Sheet

Concussion Information for Parents

Concussion information for players

Signs and Symptoms of Concussions


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